Wetzel, K., Mertens, A., Röbken, H., (2012). How does the economic crisis affect the psychological well-being? Comparing college students and employees. Research in Higher Education Journal. Vol.18, p.p 39-48.

Little is known about differences in the impact of economic stress on students as compared to persons holding secure job positions. Besides the macroeconomic effects, an economic downturn can also affect individual's physical health and psychological well-being (Aytaç & Rankin, 2009). Prior research showed that socio-demographic characteristics and conditions (e.g. age, gender, job status, or education) are associated with people's mental health (Hobfoll, 1998). The present study addressed two general questions: how people perceive their financial situation and their employability in the time following a financial crisis and whether or not these crisis-based appraisals of their economic standing have influence on their mental health. Of particular interest to this study was to explore these issues across occupational status (college students versus employees) and gender.

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