Crowley, A., &Vulliamy, C., (2007) Listen Up! Children and Young People Talk About Poverty. Save the Children UK.

The number of children thought to be living in poverty in the UK has risen three-fold in the last twenty five years.

Latest figures suggest that over one in three children in Wales lives in households with less than half the average income. Encouraged by the government's pledge to eradicate child poverty in 'a generation' and by the launch of the Welsh Assembly's programme for regenerating communities, Communities First, we commissioned a consultation project with more than a hundred children living in some of the poorest communities in Wales.

Listen Up! examines children and young people's everyday experiences of poverty and reveals some of the worst effects of social exclusion from the perspective of a child or a young person.

It reports on how children think poverty will affect them as adults, and what measures they think should be taken at a local and national level to improve young lives now and eradicate child poverty in the longer term.The implications of what children and young people have told us for the policy and practice of tackling child poverty in Wales are also considered.

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